Monday, 27 June 2011

Press Release (June 27, 2011)

(June 27, 2011)

Despite its repeated demarches and expressions of its seriousness for the “Hmar–Government of Mizoram Talks” to find a political solution to the Hmar issues in Mizoram, the Government of Mizoram has severely failed to uphold its commitment as it has not taken any perceptible step (a) to extend the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement and (b) to convey the date and venue for the talks as requested in writing by the HPC(D). While maintaining a stony silence on the official communique, some local, regional and as well as national newspapers, however, carried baseless and irresponsible statements from responsible authorities which were not only propagandistic but contained no element of truth.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Press Release (June 10, 2011)

(June 10, 2011)

Kuki National Organisation (KNO) le Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate hai "Deed of Agreement" chu mi ringum taka inthawk lak suok a nih. An computer a inthawk lak suok ani leiin, an suoi (signature) ruok chu a um nawh.